Of The Something More is a 300-page book that tackles the question of a war in the cosmos between good and evil as it relates to events in the early 21st century.

In one simple word, the book is about ENCOURAGEMENT, encouragement in a troubled world of despair, where good things happen to the bad and bad things to the good.

The fundamental question that this book addresses is “are we more than animals?”. Or, to paraphrase C.S. Lewis, one of Christendom’s great writers, are we to be hellish creatures or to become heavenly beings pulsating with radiant glory?

Do we (the human race) as free-will sentient beings have an adversary who is out to destroy us—and why?

Through the search to answers to these questions there is encouragement as to who we are and what God’s incredible plan is for each of us.

This is an informative, up-to-date book sure to challenge your complacency. As one reader said, “this is the type of book that I will read over and over again.”

Of the Something More

Schism Of The Cosmos, 600 pages, explores the space-time interaction of Heaven and Earth.

As we speed into the 21st century, humanity, Earth’s sentient guardians, is aware of itself as never before. We question whether we are alone in the cosmos. Is Earth just a lonely little planet adrift in the vastness of space? Are we created beings with purpose and meaning to our lives, or are we merely statistical accidents of evolution?

The monotheistic God of the Bible declares that by design He created mankind and all that exists. Proponents of evolution present a logical case that evolution by natural design is design, but neither evolution nor creation is proven; belief in either requires faith. Moreover, both philosophies are being attacked by the idea that an “alien” did it.

Creation, whether by God or alien demands accountability to an intelligence greater than ourselves. However, if we are a product of spontaneous local evolution, with a lucky combination of unique body design and sentiency, we can be “as gods.” In Schism Of The Cosmos we examine who God says that He is and seek arguments for His existence, other than by “creative design.”

We examine the validity of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, as a supernatural message to mankind, which reveal that Earth is under the domination of ethereal forces—the Legions of Doom—in rebellion against the Great Assembly in the Heavens.

Schism of the Cosmos